Turtle Shell.

from by Narahari

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A turtle is truly an amazing creature. This song came about when I was inspired by how turtles have a home that they carry around with them everywhere, so they are always safe, and always at home! This shell seemed like a really special thing to me because when in fear of danger they can retreat within it and hide, to provide them safety, security and comfort. Also something else I think is cool is that it lasts for their whole life and they never have to find a new one!

In a way I feel that we are all looking for that one place to rest. Whether we find it in something external or material, in another person, or in something greater than ourselves that we can take shelter of.

I started this song a very long time ago, it must have been the summer of 2010, and then I set it aside and didn't complete it until early 2012. What resparked my creativity in it was when I heard about the pastimes of Kurma – deva, the transcendental turtle. He carried the Mandara mountain ( a great mountain made out of solid gold) on his back, which was used as a churning rod, to churn the ocean of milk and extract nectar from it; the same way people churn milk into butter. To read more about this pastime, click here:

A cool note that a friend passed on to me is that when female turtles lay their eggs, they actually meditate on them, and are the only known animal to meditate.


You make me shy
You make me shy, that's what I like
You keep me calm
You keep me calm, that's what I want

You to me are a shell to the sea
You keep me safe in waters deep
A shelter I can retreat inside
You are where I hide

For you I swim on
Though the current is strong
I found what I seek
Truth, knowledge and inner peace

A gentle cove away from the splashes of seafoam
With you I've made my home
So shelter me until there's nothing to flee (from)
You are all I need

Hide me
Be my shell
Shade me from direct sunlight
Love my smell

Save me,
You were made for me
Last me, only time will tell
Be my turtle shell

(be) my turtle shell x4

Where the water is warm
That's where I like best
When the sun is half finished setting
That's when I take rest

You make it easy for me
As far as I can see
Against the current we swim so fearlessly
Could it be, you set me free

Hide me
Hold me
Know me well
Last me
Save me
Be my turtleshell

(be) My turtle shell x4

[outro : turtles swimming in the ocean!]


from Safe Now, released October 17, 2012
Recorded Live off the Floor August 23rd @ Metalworks Studios

Written by: Anne-Lise Dugas, and Lake Curry
Produced & Engineered by: Lake Curry
Drums: Jordan Wilding, Background Vocals: Nadine Fiore, Guitar: Lake Curry, Piano & Lead Vocals: Anne-Lise Dugas

(c) Narahari 2012 - All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Narahari Toronto, Ontario

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